Timelines Online Casino Slot Review

Timelines Online Casino Slot Review
July 16, 2022

Timelines Online Casino Slot Review

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The slot of Timelines is unique as compared to other usual games in the market. When it came into the market, some mechanics features and some traveling elements were added. Games Global and Northern Lights took this slot machine into the market. There are some intelligent functions and features in it.

There are 5 lines in the slot and 243 ways to win. It would be best if you had to take the risk. If you do well in the game, you can win up to 95,00x the stake. The amount of RTP increased to 96.17%. Free spins, epic, strike bonuses, and scatters are significant features in the game.

Betting and Prizes

The amount of betting is reachable for all gamblers. It started from only 10 cents to $25. So, you can choose any pair from it. The betting range is responsible for making the game meaningful.

It has capable of great rewards. If you do well, you can win up to 95,00x the stake. One good thing is that the makers also added an average amount of RTP. What are the significant features of the slot machine?

Timelines Slot Features

When you land special symbols, then time travel aspects will come. At that time, the game will use more than 15 symbols in the last 5 rounds. Here, you can boost the wins. All the symbols can see on the reels in mini sizes.

You must choose a diamond symbol to behave as a scatter and trigger. The makers will pay you more than 4000x the stake. It is simple to choose 10 diamonds from the slot. If you want to get a smaller prize, then you need to choose 3 diamonds.

Another scatter symbol will act as a multiplier with values from 2x to 5x. You will get 5 free spins from it. Do not forget to add these spins to boost the wins.

At the end of the game, there will be 2 wormhole scatters to use for 10 free spins. Both multipliers are very common to improve the model.

I tried my best to explain all the significant features of the game. The experience will come after playing the slot. However, if you do not have any experience, you need to stay away frm these kinds of casino games.

Theme & Design

Some of the inputs suggested the connections to travel. The producers used different kinds of devices and power sources. There are 4 premium symbols in the game. All the lowest symbols consisted of 4 prevalent gemstones. Royals are also better to use in the game. Overall, the theme is good to use for all gamblers. It is a mixup of different features.


It looks like a good slot for all gamblers in the world. The features are not usual, which may attract the users. Moreover, the makers added some excellent prizes, and the slot’s volatility increased the payout’s value. However, do not forget to take risks in it.