O’Bryans’ Funland Slot’s Review

O’Bryans’ Funland Slot’s Review
December 17, 2021

O’Bryans’ Funland Slot’s Review

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You’ll be visiting the O’Bryans at their Funland in Red Rake’s new position. The surprise is that this happy family is made up of leprechauns, who are known for delivering gold pots. There are 50 chances to win in this game, which has 5 reels and 6 rows of symbols. The RTP percentage is set at 95.3 percent, with a modest amount of volatility. The game also includes Wilds, Scatters, free spins, rising reels, and more.

O’Bryans’ Funland Slot’s Prizes and Betting

You will find a lot of symbols on the reels because this is a joyful land. The medium volatility of these symbols is combined with a multitude of prizes. The wagering range is set at $0.1 to $25. Combinations of the symbols pay from left to right, and some of them will activate the game’s multiple features. As a result, you will need to familiarize yourself with both before continuing on.

O’Bryans’ Funland Slot’s Features

The icons are all created to complement the slot’s theme. Beer mugs, baskets, clovers, mushrooms, top hats, boots, and barrels are among the items on display. You’ll also receive three fairies, one each in blue, green, and yellow.

You will get three Wild symbols instead of one. One is a standard Wild, the other is a Wild coin, and the third is Ryan, and they all replace the ordinary symbols on the reels. Ryan can fall through the reels at any time, triggering the Growing Reels feature in some situations. When this occurs, the reels will rise in height, reaching a maximum of 10 rows. Ryan Wilds, Golden Pot Wilds, or both will land on the reels after they’ve grown and begin travelling horizontally until they stop.

The Pot of Gold feature can be triggered by the Golden Pot Wilds. The Golden Pot Wilds will then transform into coins with a variety of symbols. Your award will be better the more you collect. You will get 8, 12, or 15 free spins if you get a combination of Bonus symbols. You’ll acquire the Funland Advances during this feature, which are different features you can get. Multipliers, winning coins, Wilds, fairies, Wild Reels, and Wild Reel Coin symbols are examples of these.

Multipliers appear with values ranging from 2 to 6 times the stake. The other symbols arrive on the reels at random and carry with them the prizes.

Design and Theme

You’ve got a fantasy motif going on here, as well as a pleasant backdrop of birds singing in the distance. The graphics and reels are stunning, and the seamless mechanics combine to create fantastic fun. This title is also a mobile-friendly slot game because to its design.


Funland by O’Bryans is a great slot, and not only because it looks great. It’s a slot with a plethora of features, including several types of Wilds and Scatters, as well as the cash needed to take the base game to the next level. Overall, it’s a game that’s well worth playing.