Monster Multipliers Slot Review

Monster Multipliers Slot Review
August 29, 2022

Monster Multipliers Slot Review

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Monster Multipliers, which will be available soon from Ash Gaming and Playtech, seems like it will have a lot to offer the typical player. The combination of a sizable gaming area, thrilling multipliers, and a cartoon-inspired design with adorable monsters ought to work nicely.

Monster Multipliers will have 6×5 reels but a Pay Anywhere engine that demands the presence of at least eight matching symbols. It sounds like a nice enough slot in that aspect with wins of up to 10,000 times the round’s wager and significant volatility that’s complemented with a 95.70% maximum RTP. The significant features include multiplier symbols during free spins and cascading reels.

Betting and Prizes

Although $0.20 is sufficient for one spin, you can certainly spend more if you choose. The maximum wager in Monster Multipliers is $500.

At its finest, Monster Multipliers will pay out decently, but you still need to be aware of its high volatility. Many participants will have to endure hardship in order for that 10,000x jackpot to be possible. Since the range includes lower numbers as well, be sure to choose a version of the slot that employs the maximum RTP of 95.70%.

Features of the Monster Multipliers Slot

With 30 symbols displayed, the game area is big (6×5 reels). When eight or more matching symbols are visible anywhere on the reels, you win. The Pay Anywhere system is practical, but to maximize its benefits, you need 12 or more symbols. Otherwise, it makes no difference whether there are 20 symbols or 12, which is unfortunate. After each such victory, Cascading Reels also activate for a chance at even greater wins.

The image of a gold and blue swirl is one of the bonus symbols, and it is designated as such. A prize and 10 free spins are yours if you have 4 or more of the same symbols (re-activated with 3 or more bonus symbols for an additional 5 spins).

The values of any multiplier symbols, which could range from 2x to 100x, are summed together before being applied to the wins of the round.

Theme & Design

It’s a fantastical realm where enormous rocks float and have castles and enormous mushrooms on them. The many varieties of monsters that appear as symbols on the reels have one to three eyes, as well as varying colors and shapes.


The Monster Multipliers slot machine has a decent design and a few good features as well. Overall, if the maximum RTP is active, it’s a good demo slot to check out. Monster Multipliers slot may be a nice choice overall for a player seeking a retro-style aesthetic and low volatility, but there are many other possibilities of that kind that provide higher RTP percentages. Overall, I enjoy the slot machine; it is a genuine Playtech slot. It has nice graphics, and has some interesting bonus features. If you can locate it with the RTP set to the highest setting, it is definitely worth playing (95.70 percent) and gives about 10,000 times the jackpot per game.