Kitsune Adventure Slot Review

Kitsune Adventure Slot Review
September 8, 2022

Kitsune Adventure Slot Review

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We’ve seen it employed frequently in relation to the Chinese market. Using folktales from a country’s folklore is a standard method of coming up with a plot for a slot machine. With Kitsune Adventure, Games Global is aiming for a Japanese-themed narrative while drawing inspiration from the fabled Kitsune monsters.

The 3×3 reels of Kitsune Adventure have 5 active paylines added to them. Although the playing area is small, it nevertheless has the potential to activate a number of significant features, such as free spins, wilds, respins, and a few enhanced game modes. If you’re really lucky, the maximum jackpot is worth $125,000 or 2,500 times your wager.

Betting and Prizes

Although $0.50 is not the cheapest minimum bet we’ve seen, it is still within most players’ reach. The $50 maximum bet sets the highest limit for the game’s betting range.

For those who want to wager the maximum of $50, they may win up to $125,000. It would increase the round’s wager by 2,500 times.

Features of the Kitsune Adventure game

There is a potential that, as you go through the regularly paid spins, you will be switched to a better mode known as High or Hyper Zone. These are paid spins with a higher chance of the respins activating.

In the High Zone, up to 50 bet spins could be triggered. This mode could randomly lead to the Hyper Zone.

Up to 30 spins can be wagered on the Hyper Zone. You have a higher chance of getting to the respins from here, just like in the Hyper Zone.

The purple-clothed icons and the Respin logo must appear in all three locations on a payline in order to really start a respin.

The same method of triggering the free spins is used, but with different symbols (Seven logos). It becomes better as you progress to the Hyper Zone when the free games are finished.

During free spins, additional bonuses are available, such as the Kitsune Wild, which may be employed as a replacement and as a fight trigger.

The Wild and an animal emblem engage in combat. Each sort of animal must be hit a specific amount of times in order to be defeated. Defeat the bear to win the highest jackpot of 2,500 times your initial wager.

Theme & Design

It’s an intriguing tale that hasn’t been featured frequently in slot machines previously. Many of its components are inspired by Japanese accessories including bells, pendants, and necklaces. Additionally, there are pictures of wheat, pumpkins, eggplants, and carrots.


Overall, Kitsune Adventure is a decent demo slot with appropriate quality and design, as well as a variety of elements that ought to be fun. The The slot boasts a nice design, and the potential to pay big, but I also enjoyed it for other reasons, including the aesthetics and potential payouts. Overall, if you enjoy playing progressive jackpot slots and are ready to sacrifice some of the RTP for that aspect of it, this is a good alternative.