Bankin Bacon Slot Review

Bankin Bacon Slot Review
December 7, 2021

Bankin Bacon Slot Review

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This year’s game has been one of the best we’ve ever seen. The graphics and other elements in Bankin Bacon are rather good. The game with the piggy bank theme will be released by Blueprint Gaming. There are even pigs who have transformed into true bankers. The other two best characteristics have the potential to give viewers new hope.

RTP & Reels

As is customary, the slot machine has six reels and 4096 possibilities to win. With the scatters, we’ve also had the Bank Collector and the mechanic. Remember to use the scatters and banker’s spins to your advantage. It is the most important characteristic for obtaining the required jackpots. The functions and characteristics of all progressive jackpots are the same. After learning the RTP value, which is just 95%, we were taken aback.

Betting range and payout

No one can play the game unless they pay the game’s creators the wagering sum. The betting ranges from ten cents to one hundred dollars per spin. You can win up to $500,000 per round if you have previous experience. There is risk in the game, but you must remain vigilant at all times.

Bankin Bacon Slot Features

Bankin’s emblems will behave as wild symbols in the game. On the reels, you must collect the cash and check icons. You can utilize the wilds as a substitute in the areas. You must place the cheque symbols on the reels in order to win 10 times your investment. Consider that each Piggy Bank will gather the checks in order to increase the jackpots.

It would be advantageous if the piggy Coins could scatter in the middle of the game after falling on the 3rd through 6th reels. These solutions may provide you with the required 30 shots. When the wheel starts spinning, be ready to collect all of the important outcomes. Users had a lot of alternatives because to banker symbols and spins. Your first, final, and initial hopes would be bankers’ spins and symbols. This effort will provide you with 50 rounds. Additionally, choose 10 extra spins from these features.

You can acquire a random bonus game to post the progressive jackpots if you succeed in selecting the jackpot king version in the version of the slot.


As previously stated, the idea for Bankin Bacon came from the concept of a piggy bank. Without a doubt, the creators provide a pig-run option. They did not compromise on the style, which included a cartoon and other pictures related to the theme. There are a variety of symbols. In comparison to the rest, some symbols will pay less. The Royals 10-A and cash, scales, gold coins, difference cheques, and piggy coins have also been seen.


For some players, it is an enjoyable game. The other has to fight for it at times. The game’s quality is enhanced by the presence of good graphics and functional features. We are disappointed to see the RTP of 95 percent. Nowadays, no one wants to release these functionalities.